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December 29, 2013


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Hey guys! Ever since I saw JanAnimation's "Button Adventures" and "Don't Mine at Night" videos, I've fallen in love with the character Button Mash. In the episode and music video, he is with Sweetie Belle, and I thought they looked sooo cute together! So I wrote this! :D Enjoy! 

P.S. Please leave me a comment! I LOVE to read them! :D 


                                            Young Love by Spottedlions  

It was a beautiful day in Ponyville. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and everything was peaceful. The smell of Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s delicious freshly-baked goods wafted through the air as Sweetie Belle trotted by. She was on her way to Rarity’s boutique. Her mother and father were going to pay a visit to some old friends of theirs, so they told her to hang out at Rarity’s for the day. As she entered her sister’s house, she saw that Rarity was busy fitting her friend’s mom. She heard familiar beeping sounds from behind her, and turned around to see her friend sitting on the couch, playing with his JoyBoy. “Button Mash, what are you doing here?” she asked. The little colt’s eyes brightened at the sound of her squeaky voice, and he looked up, “Oh hi, Sweetie Belle! I was just going with my mom to run some boring errands. She won’t let me stay home alone anymore... not after I set the oven on fire last week.” Sweetie Belle giggled and sat down next to him, “What’cha playing?” Button looked down at his JoyBoy again, “It’s called Dungeon Dice Monsters! Wanna try?” Sweetie Belle nodded eagerly, and took the device from him, frantically pushing the buttons. Button scooted closer to her and leaned his head next to hers, “No, jump! Now run to the left! No, the other left! Ok... wait for it... wait for it... ok, NOW! JUMP, JUMP!!!” Sweetie Belle was sweating by the time she completed the level. She looked up at Button Mash, “Phew! I’m done! Wanna play some Minecraft? I have my laptop here.” Button nodded his head excitedly, “Sure! I’ll go home and get mine!” he began to gallop off, but stopped when Sweetie Belle called after him, “Wait! Can I come with you?” He looked back, and smiled, “Of course! C’mon!” and the two little ponies galloped side by side towards Button’s house.

When they got to his house, they began searching for his laptop. “Check in the kitchen!” he called from the living room. Sweetie Belle ran in there, and checked everywhere. Nothing. She heard noises coming from his parent’s room, and she peeked her head around the corner. Button Mash was checking under the bed, and in the drawers of his parent’s dresser. Then a certain item caught his eye. He quickly grabbed the mustache, and slapped it onto his muzzle, gazing at it in the mirror. Sweetie Belle giggled, and walked in. She looked around. His parents had a beautiful room. With the lavender-purple walls, the green bed frame with gray-purple sheets and blankets, and the closet. Sweetie Belle always liked to see Mrs. Mash wear dresses that Rarity designed. She opened the closet door to look at all her beautiful dresses. There was a whole rainbow of colors to choose from. But one certain dress caught Sweetie’s eye. A gorgeous white one with lacy trim, and pearls lining the collar. It had a very long train of fabric in the back. Sweetie Belle recognized her sister’s handiwork, and marveled at it for a bit longer before she turned around to ask about it. “What dress is this?” Button turned around, and looked at it, “I think that was my mom’s wedding dress... I think.” Sweetie turned around to gaze at it again. She took it off the hanger, and put it on. It was a bit big, but it looked beautiful next to her beautiful pink-and-white mane. She turned around for Button Mash to see. When she showed him, his jaw dropped. She was the most beautiful pony he had ever seen. She blushed, and giggled, as she pointed at his mustache. He laughed nervously, and took it off. Then she looked on his  father’s side of the closet. She found the tuxedo that his father probably wore on his wedding day also. She called Button over, and showed him the tux, “Wanna play wedding?” He smiled, and grabbed the tux, trying to put it on. Sweetie Belle looked at him fondly, then turned her head towards the dresser. She saw Mrs. Mash’s makeup kit. Sweetie couldn’t resist. She hopped up on the ottoman, and put on mascara, lipstick, and perfume. When she turned  around, she saw Button dressed in the tux, slathering his father’s hair-gel in his mane. She couldn’t help but giggle as he tried to spray the cologne, but ended up spraying some in his eyes. 

Once they were all dressed up, Button knelt down on one hoof and mockingly said, “Sweetie Belle, will you marry me?” She blushed, and giggled, “Yes!” Then Button stood up, took her hoof in his, and pretended to “walk down the aisle” with her, which was just walking down the length of the bedroom. When they got to the wall, he took his mother’s wedding ring, and slid it delicately onto Sweetie Belle’s horn. Then they stopped and stared at each other. Button looked at her nervously, “Are we going to do this?” She blushed bright red, “I guess we have to.” The two ponies leaned in, and kissed. Each of their hearts were racing, and they were both blushing bloodred when they finally broke apart. Sweetie and Button looked at each other. They had both enjoyed the kiss very much. Then, without words, Sweetie Belle kissed him again, making it last several seconds before she broke away. The two little ponies looked at each other, and finally Button spoke up, “Sweetie, I- I...” he stopped. She smiled and began to take her makeup off, “C’mon, lets get out of these clothes and get some milkshakes from SugarCube Corner.” He nodded, and put his head under the bathtub faucet, to rinsed the gel from his mane. He then shook it dry, and added his propeller hat to complete the look. Then he and Sweetie Belle walked side by side towards SugarCube Corner together. 

When they got to SugarCube Corner, and had ordered their milkshakes, they just sat there, hugging each other, with Sweetie Belle’s head resting in the crook of his neck. Both of their eyes were closed, they were just savoring the moment. When the milkshakes were ready and placed on the table, the ponies were kissing again, paying no attention to their drinks. Button reached up while they were still kissing, and stroked Sweetie’s soft mane, then brought his hoof down to her face, and caressed it, memorizing every detail of her delicate jaw. When they broke away, Sweetie Belle was bright red again. Button loved it when she blushed. Just then, Pinkie Pie burst through the door, “Hey, Sweetie Belle! Hi, Button Mash!” “Hi Pinkie!” replied both ponies. The pink mare was running around in excitement, “I would love to stay and chat, but Rainbow Dash says that she’s been spying on Cranky, and she wants to prank him and Matilda!!!” she began to laugh, “It’ll be great!!! See ya later!” and with that, she was off. When Sweetie and Button walked out of SugarCube Corner, Button stopped her in the middle of the road, “Sweetie Belle... do... do you really like me?” he asked looking deep into her big beautiful green eyes. Sweetie Belle blinked at him, “No, I don’t like you.” she said. Button’s heart broke, and he began to feel tears coming into his eyes. But then she pulled him into a huge hug, then kissed him, “...I love you.” she whispered. Button’s tears fell onto the ground, but they were tears of happiness.

The end! :D

PLEASE don't forget to leave me a comment!!! :D

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